Animal Relocation & Control Services

Don’t let unwanted animals invade your home or property. Instead, call the professionals from ADC Animal Damage Control for our professional animal control services, including animal relocation. For more than two decades, home and business owners throughout the area have relied on our animal control company for the prompt and humane services they need to keep their properties pest-free.

An Increasing Problem

Due to population growth, urbanization, and increasing wildlife numbers, wildlife damage is an increasing problem throughout the United States, which costs home and business owners millions of dollars annually. The growing population is also a cause of pet fatalities and injuries, as well as injuries to humans.
Don’t ignore the damage, as it can generate larger or multiple ongoing repairs, thus resulting in lower property values. Most insurance policies do not cover animal-related damages. Prevent damage to your property and expensive trips to the ER or vet when you turn to us for our same- or next-day animal control services.

Using our safe and humane solutions, we remove the pesky critters from your property without harmful chemicals or pesticides and relocate them.

Inspecting Your Property

Many wildlife visitors may make your home their home. Call our company today to find out the steps you can follow to prevent these animals from becoming the new tenants in your chimney, attic, crawlspace, and foundation. Should you notice any animals on your property or strange noises in the aforementioned areas, a property inspection should be your next step.

Fox Squirrel, Cottontail Rabbit, Coyote, & Hog Nose Skunk, Animal Control Services

 Additional Control Services:

 Predator Control 
 Livestock Damage Control 
 Crop Damage Prevention

Relocating the Pests

After locating the entry points, our professionals get to work using specialized traps to capture the animals. From there, the animal relocation process begins, including the transport, relocation, and release of all captured animals. Due to certain city, county, and state health code regulations, some animals may not be relocated and require mandatory euthanasia. Others can only be relocated during certain times of the year and may require a permit.

 Contact us today to request a service for animal control expertise that removes pesky critters from your property.